Mantova Shelving

J & M Cool­room Con­struc­tions are agents for Mantova Shelving in West­ern Aus­tralia. Mantova Shelving can be sup­plied in many vari­ations accord­ing to your needs and budget.

To see Mantova’s latest shelving products please see their cata­logue at Mantova​.com​.au, we can sup­ply you with any of their shelving products including their new M‑Span shelving, ABS Real-​Tuff shelving, zinc coated wire shelving and stain­less steel wire shelving.

The all new M-​Span shelf is designed to be easy to clean and last a life­time for an afford­able price. Made by over mould­ing a sub frame with Food Grade Polypro­pyl­ene to pro­duce a strong shelf in one pro­cess. This pat­en­ted tech­nique reduces the cost and the car­bon foot­print to bene­fit both the cus­tomer and the environment.

M-​Span Shelf Sizes:

Shelf Widths of 310mm, 460mm and 610mm.
Shelf Lengths of 600, 750, 900, 1050, 1200, 1350 and 1500mm.

M-​Span Stand­ard Shelving Heights:

3 tiers: 1200mm high.
4 tiers: 1800mm high.
5 tiers: 2000mm high.

Weight Load­ing:

M-​Span shelves are rated to 200kgs evenly spaced per tier up to 1200mm long. Sizes 1350mm, 1500mm are rated to 150kg evenly spaced. Shelf clips are rated to 150kg up to 1200mm and 100kg for 1350 and 1500mm long shelves.


M-​Span Shelving is quick and simple to assemble requir­ing no tools. Clear access corner units and add on units use stain­less steel M-​Span shelf clips elim­in­at­ing 2 posts. All Shelf Posts come stand­ard with adjustable feet.

Mantova War­ranty:

Mantova offer a 20 Year Non Cor­ro­sion War­ranty + 12 months Struc­tural War­ranty against man­u­fac­tur­ing defects on their M-​Span shelving. Posts: Choose between 304 Grade Stain­less Steel and Gal­van­ised posts. Each have a 12 month Struc­tural War­ranty from Mantova against man­u­fac­tur­ing defects.

Anti-​micobial Protection:

M-​Span shelves have LIFE MATERIALS Anti-​Microbial Pro­tec­tion built in dur­ing the man­u­fac­tur­ing pro­cess to help main­tain hygienic food storage.

Air Flow:

The large flat open sur­faces of the M-​Span shelf enhance the air­flow through the holes in the sur­face of the shelf.


M-​Span shelving is suit­able for dry store, cool­room and freezer use. The large flat sur­faces can be writ­ten on, this is handy for organ­isa­tion or cus­tomer info.

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