Kit Coolrooms

J & M Cool­room Con­struc­tions can man­u­fac­ture ready to erect cool­rooms. Each kit cool­room is cus­tom made to suit the Client’s indi­vidual needs. These kits can be eas­ily trans­por­ted and built by the Cli­ent, assembly requires only a few basic tools such as a drill and a rivet gun, and the kits con­tain all the neces­sary com­pon­ents for smooth, quick, hassle free construction:
  • Full con­struc­tion instruc­tions includ­ing diagrams
  • West­ern Aus­tralian Man­u­fac­tured Insu­lated Panels
  • Cool­room sealants
  • Cool­room fixings
  • Cool­room extrusion
  • Strapped and Packed for Transport

This means you can erect quickly and effi­ciently and be ready to cool in a mat­ter of hours.

Refri­ger­a­tion sys­tems for the kit rooms can also be sup­plied:
Drop in or slide-​in refri­ger­a­tion sys­tems can be installed by the Cli­ent and only need a power sup­ply and drain to be fully operational.