Coolrooms and Freezers

All J & M Cool­room Con­struc­tion cool­rooms and freez­ers are con­struc­ted from qual­ity build­ing mater­i­als and fea­ture West­ern Aus­tralian man­u­fac­tured insu­lated panel. This insu­lated panel is suit­able for tem­per­at­ure and humid­ity con­trolled envir­on­ment applic­a­tions from primary pro­duc­tion, pro­cessing, and dis­tri­bu­tion through to food pro­cessing and stor­age.

J & M Cool­room Con­struc­tions have con­struc­ted cool­rooms and freez­ers in:
  • Abat­toirs
  • Baker­ies
  • Butcher Shops
  • Cafés
  • Clubs & Sport­ing Facilities
  • Del­icates­sens
  • Fast Food Outlets
  • Fish Shops
  • Flor­ists
  • Fruit & Veget­able Shops
  • Grow­ers Farms
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Liquor Stores
  • Poultry Farms
  • Res­taur­ants
  • Sea­food Processors
  • Ser­vice Stations
  • Small­goods Manufacturers
  • Super­mar­kets
  • Water Bot­tling Plants
  • Winer­ies
All our cool­rooms and freez­ers are con­struc­ted to Health Depart­ment stand­ards with alu­minium cov­ing and industry spe­cific sil­ic­one sealants. Insu­lated panel has smooth or ribbed skins of poly­es­ter coated steel, lam­in­ated to a core of fire retard­ant treated “SL grade” CFC free poly­styrene insulation.

Insu­lated panel can be col­our matched to selec­ted Col­or­bond© colours.