Processing Rooms

J & M Cool­room Con­struc­tions can con­struct bakery provers to suit your busi­ness large or small. The provers are con­struc­ted from 50mm thick insu­lated panel. Insu­lated panel has smooth internal and external skins of Col­or­bond© “Surf Mist” poly­es­ter coated 0.6mm steel, lam­in­ated to a core of fire retard­ant treated “SL grade” CFC free poly­styrene insulation.
  • Prover doors can be either slid­ing or hinged to suit the Client’s requirements.
  • Provers can also be lined intern­ally and extern­ally with stain­less steel.
  • Provers can be con­struc­ted with one or two rows of alu­minium bump rail for wall protection.

Bakery Provers

Food Processing Rooms